Is it Time for Couples Therapy?

Maybe you and your partner have been fighting a lot lately.  Or maybe the opposite: you're hardly speaking at all.  Something just feels unbearable.  Perhaps you are unsure if you should stay together, or you refuse to consider divorce.  Whatever the reason, you know that left on the path at which you have arrived, the two of you cannot start to figure out what has gone awry and where you are headed without the help of an outside party.  

Dr. Mavrides sees her role as a couples therapist to be part translator and part mediator.  Many couples have difficulty communicating what they want and need, and get lost reacting to their partners' lack of understanding, empathy, etc.  Using the Gottman principles and more from her training and experiences working with couples, Dr. Mavrides aims to help you articulate your needs, identify your conflicts, and chart a path jointly--whatever that means for the two of you and any children in your lives.    

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