Is Group Therapy For You?

Group therapy is a unique kind of psychotherapy in which the group—and the other members in it—plays an essential role in helping each member with his or her concerns. There is nothing more powerful than a whole group of people who know you for who you are and accept you for that—while also encourage you to be more and better and the kind of person you know you can—perhaps, are meant—to be. Dr. Mavrides’s role as the therapist in the group is to frame each person’s compassion and emotional needs so that each is giving and also getting in sessions.

Dr. Mavrides is currently recruiting members for the following groups:

Prenatal Support & Education

Expectant moms who want to connect with other moms about the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy. This group will also discuss parenting styles and choices, including how to develop a strong and healthy attachment.

Mother-Baby Connection

Mothers and babies together in a small group session, discussing the challenges and rewards of new parenthood. This group will also address parent-infant communication, how to understand your baby’s “language” and how to talk to and reflect the child’s developing emotional life back to him or her.

NICU Parents

The parents of newborn infants needing intensive care have special challenges in front of them—even often after they leave the hospital. In this group, parents can come together and share their difficult experiences, as well as progress and hope.

Partner Loss After Suicide

Are you a person who has lost his or her partner to suicide? This small and intimate group may help you find the community you need to start to understand what has happened and how you can move forward.

If any of these groups sound like something you could benefit from, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Mavrides via the contact page.

If you are uncertain if a group is right for you, know that Dr. Mavrides always meets with each potential group member in an individual session first to discuss the person’s needs and concerns. If group doesn’t feel right at that point, individual sessions are always an option.  Looking for a therapy group but don't see the topic listed here?  Contact Dr. Mavrides to discuss other possible opportunities for group therapy.