Postpartum Adjustment / Postpartum Depression (PPD)

You had your baby and everything is just why do you feel so horrible?  Many new moms experience some emotional distress after a baby is born, from mild but sudden crying jags to full-fledged anxiety, depression, even suicidality.  Some women also think about harming their babies.  It can be difficult to know when you have a problem versus what is merely "Baby Blues," but know that Dr. Mavrides is experienced in diagnosing and supporting women with various forms of PPD and can help you find your way to greater stability and happiness as a mom.  Some women may want to be seen alone during these sessions, while others may want to be seen with their partners or with their infants.  See the Couples and Mother-Infant Therapy pages on this site for additional information. 

Preventive Consultation During Pregnancy

Are you an pregnant woman or expectant partner that is concerned about PPD but unsure about how to prevent or spot it?  Dr. Mavrides offers consultation and education appointments for couples concerned with shoring up emotional resources during pregnancy and being prepared should the mother start to exhibit signs of PPD.  These appointments will educate you about the risk factors for PPD specific to your situation, connect you with resources to turn to during pregnancy and after birth, and attune you to the differences between various postpartum mood concerns and which ones would require professional help.   These appointments are also available in discounted two-packs, whereby you meet once prior to pregnancy and again after the birth for an in-person PPD evaluation. 

Contact Dr. Mavrides to set up an appointment regarding information, diagnosis, and/or support for PPD.