Therapy During Pregnancy

Women may seek out therapy in pregnancy for a variety of reasons.  For some, it is a continuation of earlier counseling due to mental health concerns stirred up again by the stresses and hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy.  In this situation, Dr. Mavrides is happy to work with your psychiatrist to help you maintain a medication-free pregnancy that keeps both you and your baby safe. 

For others, becoming pregnant sets off emotional issues that were only in the background and felt manageable--until they didn't.  Perhaps you are dealing with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or other concerns. If this is the case, doing work in therapy during your pregnancy is a safe alternative to psychiatric medication, and it will hopefully leave you with more insight and control over your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors both during and after pregnancy.  As a result, it will likely leave you feeling more balanced and ready to become a parent.

For yet others, gestating a child feels like the right time to start to explore and try to resolve issues from one's own childhood and with one's own parents before becoming a parent herself. 

For Other Expectant Families

Individuals and couples who are adopting, fostering, or otherwise bringing a new little person into their lives may also benefit from therapy leading up to and during the transition to parenthood for many of the same reasons mentioned above. 

Postpartum Depression:Preventive Consultation During Pregnancy

Are you an pregnant woman or expectant partner that is concerned about PPD but unsure about how to prevent or spot it?  Dr. Mavrides offers consultation and education appointments for couples concerned with shoring up emotional resources during pregnancy and being prepared should the mother start to exhibit signs of PPD.  These appointments will educate you about the risk factors for PPD specific to your situation, connect you with resources to turn to during pregnancy and after birth, and attune you to the differences between various postpartum mood concerns and which ones would require professional help.   These appointments are also available in discounted two-packs, whereby you meet once during the pregnancy and again after the birth for an in-person PPD evaluation. 

Contact Dr. Mavrides today to discuss starting therapy as you prepare for parenthood.